The first 21 Years of New Forest DA

Researched a written by


Public Relations Officer



This story is based on information _

available and as far as is known

is a true record.


The D.A. wish to thank everyone who has

helped with information & give a special

thank you to MARGARET MILLER who

addition to editing a producing our monthly

newsletter has typed. printed & produced

this booklet.


1971— 1992

In 1910. the Camping Club of Great Britain and Ireland as it was then known! had 2 District Associations to cover a very large area. namely Hants and Dorset.

Membership of the Club was growing and a group of Dorset D.A. members, living mainly in the Bournemouth & Poole area felt a need for a new D.A- to be formed and so on 27th of September 1970 they met at Bushes Farm, Blandford to discuss the possibility of this.

The Hants and Dorset D.A.s were informed of this intention. The South Nest Region of the Club at this time embraced the Hants D.A. and also Solent – Berkshire – Oxford and Gloucester D.A.’s.

By the 27th March 1971 the new D.A. had been approved by the South west Region Council and the first Committee was formed:- ‘

MRS. PAT ROBERTS. (Chairman)

Mr. Harold Davies. (Vice-Chairman)

JOHN HOWELLS. (Treasurer)

ARTHUR BLAKE. [Secretary]

MR- CHARLES ROBERTS. {S.W.Region Representative]

Mic CUFF. (C.C.Y. Leader)

and the following agreed to be Committee members:-




At this meeting it was felt that the D.A. should cater for the young Children of families attending meets, and so an under 12 year old group was formed under the supervision of MRS. JUNE FORD.

8th APRIL, 1971 – On this day the-first meet of the New Forest D.A. was opened at – Knighton Farm» Everton, Lymington and was attended by 32 UNITS.

At their meeting on 5th May 1971, the National Council under Minute 4620 officially Confirmed the formation of The New Forest D.A.- to administer an area comprising the postal district of Bournemouth and Poole-

This date to be considered as THE BIRTHDAY OF THE DA


The D.A. soon showed it’s ‘mettle’ and on the 23rd July. 1971 it‘s first Temporary Holiday Site was opened at Old Common Farm. Corfe Mullen – it was visited by 213 family units.

This was quickly followed in September by the first D.A. Feast of Lanterns organised by the C.C.Y. and then the first ‘Steam Meet‘ at Bushes Farm, Blandford. 345 units attended. At that time a record for any meet run by a D.A. in the South West Region-

With the Camping season coming to an end. 51 members gathered for the first Annual General Meeting held at West Moors Memorial Hall on Sunday. 17th October 1971.

The Chairman — MRS. PAT ROBERTS in her report stated,

“The friendly spirit in this D.A. has. I am sure. been the answer to our success”.

As you read on. I am sure you will agree that this has continued for the following 21 years.

Pennons were presented to the following:-

DAVID COSHAM designed. the N.F.D.A PENNON.




C.C.Y.(Joint effort) designed the D.A- F.0.L. PENNON.

The first D.A. and C.C.Y. Pennons (For flying at meets} were presented to the DA. by MRS. JOYCE BREWSTER. She had made them and they were hand painted in oils by her husband CECIL.

£10 was donated to the Club Fighting Fund (the First of many donations to follow).

RON BENNETT was co—opted on to the Committee to lead the under 12 group who were now known as the ‘C.C-K- (Camping Club Kids].

As the D.A. was still small in numbers, many members were recognised by the children as aunties and Uncles. prominent among them being ‘Aunties’ JOYCE (BREWSTER). EILEEN (DEACON) And ‘GRAN’ (BREWSTER). ‘Uncle’ MICK (CUFF) ‘Auntie‘ ROSS (CUFF) etc. etc.

In November. 1971 the first ‘Newsheet’ was produced, it was headed with a ‘?‘ as a name for it was still to be found. –

As it still does today, it’s purpose was to keep members informed of up to date activities. together with recipes, stories etc. In the first issue

‘Uncle’ RON BENNETT writing for the C.C.K. had this funny:—

“A cat drank a pint of petrol. lt ran down the road at 50 miles per hour. It fell down and rolled on to it’s back. NO! IT WAS NOT DEAD — just ran out of PETROL!!!




In January the first D.A. Dinner Dance was held at the Red House Hotel, Barton-on-Sea and ERIC STRIDE and his wife PHYLLIS were Guests of Honour. Tickets cost £1.50p each with Bed and Breakfast available at £l.65p. each!

February saw a Social evening hold at West Moors, activities included a home-made wine competition, a film show. and an American Supper, in his notes ln the Newsletter, CHARLES ROBERTS the Social Secretary, explaining that you brought along food which was then placed in a common pool: commented, PLEASE! – ‘Not too much smoked salmon or caviar!”

At this Social event the ‘Title’ of the Newsletter was voted for. 12 were submitted and the winner by 1 vote was for ‘ PICKETS POST‘ submitted by PHIL FRANCIS


The Easter Meet was at Cranhorne, and on 28th April the 1st Birthday Meet was held at Lion Hill Farm – Three Legged Cross. At a nearby hall. another American Supper was held, with fancy dress competition for the children and a talk on home-made wine (this ‘hobby’ seemed to be very popular in the early years of the D.A. A Birthday Pennon was designed by DAVID DEACON. –


A member of the DA. RAY: CRIPPS. was elected to the National Council, coming third in one of the highest polls ever recorded by the Club, and 2 weeks later was elected

When RAY became Vice-Chairman, ERIC STRIDE was elected Regional Chairman in his place and he also became Regional Representative to the National Council in that year.


A. Meets at that time Spread in to Hampshire and Wiltshire, and in June a meet was held at Amesbury in conjunction with a Rotary Club Charity Meet- A Donkey Derby and Fete was run to raise funds for a Swimming Pool for handicapped children at Odstock Hospital- With the D.A.’s help £122 was raised.


Spring Bank Holiday was held at Chettle House nr. Blandford. It was organised by the C.C.K and a raffle raised funds to purchase toys/games for their group. A Baked Bean Feast‘ was held and they were presented with their own Pennon for flying at meets, again hand Painted by CECIL BREWSTER.


STAN BUNDY resigned from the Committee and RAY HUMPHRIES was Co-opted on-


At Committee it was agreed that the Social Secretary have a Committee of ladies to help in running functions, also agreed a LARGE TEA POT be purchased. The C.C.Y. were allowed to purchase a Volley Ball Net and the D.A. first Youth Examiner was appointed – ROSS CUFF.


In June the D.A. entered the Wimborne Carnival and July saw the South West Region Summer Meet run by the Hants D.A. New Forest reached the finale of the Tug of war and Volleyball but lost 2 – 1 to Solent and 2-0 to Gloucester- but had enough points to win the Sports Trophy, affectionately known as the ‘Piece of wood‘.


The Holiday Site was run again at Corie Mullen and the Steam Meet at Bushes Farm. Water was laid on by JOHN RIDOUT using his tractor and ‘bowser’. The fee was 30p. per unit/night. .

The D.A. Feast of Lanterns was held at Sutton Hill Club Site with a fund raising event to send Youth to the F.I.C.C. Rally in 19?3.


October a time for the second Annual General Meeting ARTHUR BLAKE retired & RAY HUMPHRIE5 became Secretary. JOHN HOWELL retired Q HAROLD DAVIES became Treasurer. BERYL l JOHN RIDOUT were elected to Committee also MIKE DEWHURST

9 Youth [passed test} and presented with Youth Pennon and Alarm Clock.


A Public Address System & Typewriter were purchased.


The Season finished with a Bonfire Meet at Chettle House.

‘Uncle Roy Funny‘-

An Orange was rolling down the road — it stopped.

It had run Out Of juice! (They were meant for the kids!]



Early in the year CHARLES ROBERTS was appointed Regional Youth Liaison Officer (R.Y-L.O.) – Pat took on the position of D.A. Representative to Region. She also agreed to be Booking Secretary for the National Feast of Lanterns which was being organised by the South West Region and taking place at Oakley Farm, Sixpenny Handley.


RON BENNET was appointed D.A. Public Relations Officer and the Steam Meet was to be advertised for a 5 day meet. A ‘block b00king’ for 40 units was received from the Hamworthy Engineering Caravan Club.


It was with great sadness that the news was received of the tragic death of a C.C.Y. member ROGER CRIPPS.


The Early Bird Meet was held at Wilksworth Caravan Park Wimborne then a brand new commercial site. Easter was at Fairview Farm, Stockbridge. In preparation for the National Feast of Lanterns, PAT AND CHARLES ROBERTS. BERYL AND JOHN RIDOUT and other helpers spent a lot of the weekend cutting up 2 inch squares of fluorescent paper to use as window stickers.

The 2nd Birthday Meet was held at Wigbeth Farm. Horton. There was a barn dance and American Supper and the first Miss New Forest was selected — DEBBIE PHILLIPS aged 14, amongst her hobbies was — ‘Male Watching!‘

May saw the D.A. attending the 21st Birthday Celebrations Meet of the Dorset D.A. Among the many activities taking place was a decorated unit competition (Theme: 21st Birthday) and a fancy dress competition. theme: Gypsies. KATHY ANDREWS from the New Forest D.A. won the prize in the Lady adult section.

The C.C.K. Meet was held again at Chettle. and soon after at the children’s request the group name was changed to C.C.J. — Camping Club Juniors — a much nicer name.

The 6th July saw the start of the South West Region Summer Meet at Windsor Race Course, organised by the Royal Berkshire DA. Many units from the New Forest attended.

After this meet the boundaries of the Region were changed Berks. Hants & Solent went into the. Southern Region, Oxford to the new Chiltern Region and Gloucester to the Cambrian a Wyvern Region.


The D.A. Holiday Site went ahead at Corie Mullen once again. while several members attended a week long working party at Sixpenny Handley for the National Feast of Lanterns which took place on the weekend of 31st August/2nd September. The South West Region organised the National Feast of Lanterns and we had television coverage. The renamed children group C.C.J. entered the carnival as Rural Folk and eagerly helped with picking up pitch markers etc. There was some sadness however, ll news was received of the death of GRAN BREWSTER, a keen camper with her daughter EILEEN DEACON and family since the formation of the D.A.


The D.A. Feast of Lanterns was also at Sixpenny Handley, but at Church Farm some 2 weeks later. The Steam Rally Meet was another success. Despite gales and rain prior to the actual steam weekend. Members on site were up all one night holding down tents and awnings that were threatening to ‘blow away‘.

650 Units attended — 350 Pennons were sold and 120 more were ordered.


At the Annual General Meeting –

JOHN RIDOUT became Vice Chairman.

MIKE DEWHURST became Assistant C.C.Y. Leader.

PAT ROBERTS was by now elected as a Regional Councillor in the new South Nest Region and also appointed Regional Secretary [a position she still holds to date}.

RAY HUMFHRIES replaced her as D.A. Representative to Region. Again 9 C.C.Y. members passed their test and received their clocks etc. LINDA CRIPPS had attended the F.I.C.C. Rally.

Uncle Ron’s Funny-

C.C.J. “Mum give me ten pence a I’ll he good all day

C.C.J. Mum-“why can’t you he like your Father. he’s good for nothing”




The year started with ‘power cuts‘. A trip to the Camping and Outdoor Leisure Exhibition (C.0.L.E.X) was cancelled because many people were working a 3 day week which included a Saturday.

The Dinner Dance was held at the Durley Dean Hotel, Bournemouth- 139 members and guests attended.

The Early Bird Meet was held on hard standing at Bovington Secondary Modern School. 2 new families attended and joined the Club. PHIL a CHRISTINE TURNER and RON & JEAN MOODY. (Both later were Committee and Founder members of the Waterside DA.)

Easter saw the DA. again at Wool. This time at Longhorns Farm again a new family attended and joined – -MARION & DAVID EVANS and daughter TRACEY. (David. later did. a ‘stint’ on the D.A. Committee and MARION a spell as Newsletter Editor and DA. Secretary and in more recent times has produced the Variety Show including the special 21st BIRTHDAY SHOW which is being staged in conjunction with this story!!

March Saw congratulations given to 2 D.A. members- first to RAY CRIPPS on being elected CLUB CHAIRMAN and also to former youth member CHRISTINE RIDOUT who on March 23rd married RICHARD DREW of the Wilts D.A.

The Birthday Meet was held at Wigbeth Farm. Horton with a Social at West Moors.

WILLIAM BROCKLESBY became the first Junior to pass a test and was presented with a badge and certificate by the Club Chairman — this was another first for the D.A. who had ‘pioneered’ the group for the under 1.2’s.

OLIVE SPENCER, MARION EVANS’S Mum) baked the Birthday Cake but unfortunately through illness was unable to stay the whole weekend.

At the May Committee Meeting‘, MICK CUFF, through work commitments, resigned as C.C.Y. Leader and MIKE DEWHURST took over this job. The Chairman (PAT ROBERTS) thanked the Committee members for concluding a very lengthy agenda at the longest meeting (then!) on record – 11 hours! she also sent her apologies to their families for keeping them so long! (Long meetings are a regular thing these days, Planning the many activities the DA are involved in!.’

At a meeting in August 1974 at BERYL & JOHN RIDOUT’5 home, then Bushes Farm, JOHN had to-‘pop’ out now and again to supervise the ‘drying’ oi the harvest!


Not only were there power problems in 1974 but also a printers dispute which prevented the July issue of the Club Magazine being printed, and the advertising of the ‘Temporary Holiday Site at Pimperne- D.A’s and Sections were circulated by the Secretary and the Holiday Site was able to go ahead:

The South west Region Meet was run by Devon D.A. at Clyst Honiton. The Sparta were cancelled due to bad weather. but the Volleyball was held, and we Won the Trophy.

The South West Region Youth Rally was organised by the New Forest D.A. at Honeybrook Farm, Wimborne.

5 Youth attended the F.I.C.C. Rally at le Harve France and 14 rent to the National Youth Rally in Cheshire.

In August JOHN BREWER was co-opted onto the Committee.

September saw another Steam Meet with tea provided on arrival – ‘mock’ organ playing music and bowler hats and boiler suite worn by helpers- -‘

The D.A. Feast of Lanterns was held at Sutton Hill with Pirates as the theme.

It was around this time that BILL & JOAN HIGGINS joined the D.A. – both later to become prominent members.

At the Annual General Meeting more changes took place

COLIN HARES was appointed Treasurer {HAROLD DAVIES – retired).

JACK MARKS was appointed P.R.O. IRON BENNETT – retired] .

PHIL FRANCIS U85 elected to committee

Uncle Ron’s Funny:—

Why is a watch repairer always busy?

Because he is always spring cleaning!


The year started with the C.C.J. going to the Pavilion Pantomime ‘Cinderella’ starting Arthur Askey and Dickie Henderson.

The adults had the usual dinner and dance. this year at the Courtlands Hotel.

Easter was in early March. the meet started at Elm Farm, Landford. A few members were on site on Thursday, but with snow flurries on Good Friday morning. new arrivals were ‘stuck’ at the site entrance. It was decided to retreat and set up camp at Stoney Cross on hard standing. The weekend continued very cold with blustery showers. PAT ROBERTS was unwell and had to go home to bed.


In April RON BENNETT gave up as CCJ. Leader and JOHN BREWER took over- assisted by DOUG ARTERTON.

The usual C.C-J- meet went ahead in May at Honeybrook. There was a kite competition between the C.C.J. and the C.C.Y. It was won by the Juniors.


July saw another major and successful event for the D.A. We hosted the South West Region Summer Meet at Pimperne. The Solent Youth Orchestra entertained. A new volleyball Trophy was presented to the Region by the D.A and promptly won by our Youth. As often happens, rain threated to cancel the sports, but they were held in the marquee. We won the Sports Trophy again!

Former Youth member. now MRS. CHRISTINE DREW won the Miss. South West Region Contest.

Following this meet a letter from the Region Chairman ERIC STRIDE was printed in the Newsletter, part of which read “The organisation could not be faulted in any way and it was a wonderful tribute to the organisers that the Sports were held, with very little change in the Marquee!

As PHYLLIS remarked on our way to Pimperne – ‘One thing we know that the New Forest will organise everything properly” and of course she was right!


Two more events took place at Pimperne, the Holiday Site and the usual Steam Meet. The latter was a huge success, the site being advertised on the Official Steam Working Posters – 960 units attended — later JOHN RIDOUT heard from MICHAEL OLIVER, organiser of the Great Working of Steam. that he had received many letters of congratulations for the VERY WELL RUN SITE!


At the Annual General Meeting in October. PHIL FRANCIS took over as Editor of the Newsletter.

The D.A. Feast of Lanterns was held at Cranborne, the theme was “Country s western”.


At the Region Elections PAT ROBERTS was elected for a further 3 years and Continued as Secretary. D.A. Public Relations Officer. JACK MARKS was elected Region Public Relations officer.



November saw the Bonfire Meet at Arne in glorious weather. During the year the Youth activities included:-

4 attending the International Rally in Belgium.

16 attending the National Rally in Kent.

14 attending the Region Rally at Burrington, near Bristol.


Uncle Ron’s Funny:-

what did the window say to the wind?

I don’t know what you are howling about it’s me that has the pain (pane)!!




The youth started with a Party at West Moors Hall and followed by the Dinner Dance, again held at the Courtlands Hotel. The main guests were MR. CUBBITT M.B-E. – Club General Secretary and MR. E. JOHNSON – Chief Planning Officer of the New Forest District Council, plus two very esteemed D.A. members RAY CRIPFS — Club Chairman and ERIC STRIDE — Region Chairman.

February saw the first Valentine’s Dance, organised by the C.C.Y.

It was with great sadness the D.A. heard of the death of ARTHUR BLAKE. one of our founder members and first D.A. Secretary.


On a brighter note, RICHARD AND CHRISTINE DREW announced the birth or a son – STEVEN RICHARD.


In March a winter walk was organised from Red Shoot Inn – 77 members turned up.


Easter was spent at Gorse Farm, Blissford — 67 Units attended.


The Birthday Meet was held at Ridge Farm. Arne. A colour t.v. was made available in the barn to watch the Cup Final. The television was provided by PETER POWIS, an ardent D-A. and Committee member who sadly died suddenly In 1987


A Country and Western evening followed in Wareham Parish Hall.


The Junior Meet was held at Blissford end in June another Joint Meet with the B.C.C. was held for the Wimborne Carnival – 100 units attended – the B.C.C. entered with a Car and Caravan and the DA. Youth with Bikes and Prams.


Also in June, an extra special meet took place at Bushes Farm. Blandford. RICHARD AND CHRISTINE DREN‘S son was christened on site by the Rector of Pimperne. The REVEREND FARQUHARSON ROBERTS. A pennon was issued to commemorate the occasion.


The South West Region Meet was run by Avon D-A- at Wrington. We did not win any Sports Trophy but Youth member DEBBIE POWIS won the Miss. South west Region contest.


The Holiday Site this year saw a change of venue- and took place at Arne and was followed by the steam Meet which was well attended despite very wet weather.


The Annual General Meeting in October saw more changes take place. The growing membership of the Club and the D-A- made it desirable to form a new D.A. to cover the Waterside area. {The east side of the New Forest and west side of Southampton water).

Several New Forest D.A. members living in that area were too far from the D.A.

RAY HUMPHRIES – Secretary & Representative to Region retired.

PHIL FRANCIS became Secretary.

COLIN HARES became Representative to Region.


Youth activities during the year included:-

PHIL RIDOUT representing the South West Region Youth at the Club 75th Anniversary Celebrations at the Mansion House in London.

12 attended the National Meet at Wragby, Lincolnshire

12 attended the South west Region Meet in Cornwall

and of course DEBBIE POWIS becoming Miss South West Region


Uncle Ron‘s Funny:~

who invented the first fireplace?

Alfred the Grate {Great}!


The Courtlands Hotel proved very popular and for the third year was the venue for the Dinner and Dance. The Club Chairman FRED HYDE was the principle guest-


Winter walks were again organised by GERRY ROBINSON and the Youth ran the Valentines Dance.


In March we joined the new Waterside D.A- at their Inaugural Meet and donated £100. plus £25 to their C-C.Y. to boost their funds.

April saw ERIC STRIOE elected to the National Council.

Spring Bank Holiday. the usual C.C.J- meet – incorporated an extra celebration for the Queens Silver Jubilee, and was held at Longthorns Farm, wool.

In July a small number of D.A. members attended the Region Meet at Wadebridge- Cornwall, and August saw a return to Knighton Farm, Everton for a meet coinciding with the Lymington Carnival. several Juniors on a trailer entered the Carnival and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The Holiday and steam Meets were held as usual, there is no record of anything outstanding, but were no doubt successful.


The Annual General Meeting in October brought many changes –

JOHN RIDOUT was elected Chairman.

PAT ROBERTS after 7 years as Chairman announced her retirement.

ROY BROCKLESBY was elected Vice-Chairman.

JACK MARKS retired as Public Relations Officer and SID GARDINER took over.

JOHN BRENER retired as C.C.J. Leader but was re-elected as a Committee member.

MAURICE KESSICK-PHILLIP took over as C.C.J. Leader

DAVID EVANS & JIM LYNES were elected to Committee.

MARION EVANS took over editing the Newsletter.

The Bonfire Meet was held at Ridge Farm Arne. But was ‘washed out’. The fireworks were to be let off prior to a Christmas Party at Wareham but again were ‘rained off‘; so they had to be stored for the following year-

Uncle Ron’s Funny:-

what goes upstairs on its head?

A nail in your shoe!




A change this year. the Dinner Dance was at the Majestic Hotel. Bournemouth. The guest was MICHAEL OLIVER Secretary of the Dorset Steam Society and Organiser of the Great Working of Steam [now the Dorset Steam Fair]. His ‘speech’ kept guests entertained with his dry ‘Dorset humour‘ and tales of the Steam Working and his ‘alleged’ attendance at the Lord Mayor of London’s Banquet in Dinner Suit and ‘Welly Boots!‘

This year the National Feast of Lanterns was organised by the southern Region at worthy Down. Winchester. It was decided that the D.A. would enter the carnival etc. and a Sub-Committee was formed to progress this — JOHN BREWER — JOHN FITTON — MIKE DEWHURST and JIM & JUNE EVANS.

 Easter was combined again with the Birthday Meet and held at Clump Hill Farm. Mannington, and the May Weekend was at Blissford with the Waterside D.A. invited.

The C.C.J. Meet was at a new venue Canford Magna, Bournemouth.

Around this time. MIKE DEWHURST. retired as C.C.J Leader and SID GARDINER took over. It was reported that 24 families were willing to take part in the National Feast of Lanterns entry. and weekend raffles were held to raise funds.

It was also announced that ERIC STRlDE had been elected Chairman of the International Committee.

The South West Region Meet was organised by Somerset D.A. at Bishops Lydeard, near. Taunton.

The ‘Juniors’ entered the Lymington Carnival again and the D.A. Feast of Lanterns was held on the August Bank Holiday weekend at Blissford.

Coming now to the National Feast of Lanterns at Winchester. the D-A. had a ‘Street’ scene with Roman Columns at the Entrance and a ‘Banquet’ was held on the Saturday evening. Prior to this they took part in ‘Chariot Races‘ and the procession with Chariot and Slaves. Being the efficient D.A. that it is we were one of the first to assemble and kept being ‘shunted’ back to make room for later arrivals. being eventually what seemed ‘miles’ from the site. up a ‘bridleway’. We were therefore LAST to reach the arena just as it was getting dark! {It was an evening procession}. Still a good time was had by all.


This had grown over the years to become a ‘classic’ event and this year proved to be the best ever. Camping was provided for everyone. including non—members (many who joined the Club as a result]. There were block bookings from the Caravan Club ~ Trailer Caravan Club – Sprite Owners Club – Hamworthy Engineering Club to name just a few.

A new site had to be found and after much searching, suitable fields were made available on ‘Top of the Hill‘ overlooking Stourpaine. Water supplies had always been a problem and this year a 2.000 gallon tanker was hired from Express Dairies to transport water to the site.

A large Marquee was hired for the administration and to light the area, permission was obtained to erect poles to bring electricity supplies from the house and piggery opposite the site.

The site was pegged out in coloured area. each row was lettered and each pitch was numbered and so there was a record or each unit on site. Numerous members helped. ladies booked in, sold raffle tickets and pennons and provided tea as people booked in. The men, in their bowler hats and boiler suits did marshalling duties at the site entrance and guiding visitors to their pitch. Even  walkie talkie’ radios were used for communication and one man used a trials motor bike to escort people.

1.070 units camped – a record never broken

The thanks of the D.A. went to all who helped. But especially to JOHN & BERYL RIDOUT who negotiated the site, acted as Booking Secretary as BERYL had done for many years previously) and with the help of their son PHILIP designed the Steam Meet Pennon.

JOHN was able to take an ariel view of the site. From then on, he was justly named – MR. STEAM MEET


The October Annual General Meeting —

SID GARDINER carried on as C-C.Y. Leader. But resigned as Public Relations Officer and JOCK DUNCAN took on this Position.

MAURICE KESSICK-PHILLIP resigned as C-C.J. Leader and ROGER WAUGHAN took over.

RAY PEARCE was elected to Committee.

The year finished with a meet at-Everton and a Slide show plus the Bonfire Meet at Arne. The Youth 1n 1978

13 went to the National Rally at Stafford.

I0 went to the South West Region Rally at Plymouth.

They also did an Orienteering Exercise at Blissford and 2 got temporarily lost

Uncle RON’S Funny:-

What can fall on water without getting wet? “

A shadow!


The Dinner Dance was by now a well established event in January, this year the South West Region Chairman JOHN HARRIS was the guest.

To relieve pressure from the Secretary, PAT ROBERTS took on the task of Site Officer another position she still holds today.

A Winter Walk was led by JOHN FITTON.

Easter was held at Cranborne. the Birthday Meet at Blissford with the cake made by LESLEY LINES, and the C.C.J. Meet again at Canford Magna.

The Committee decided to buy two new pennons (for flying at meets two being cheaper than one. and one was made available for the Public Relations Officer’s use and also for special events. It was also agreed to purchase a second TEAPOT for tea round the pole — MORE PROGRESS!

Tamar D.A. hosted the South west Region Summer Meet at Plympton and WE WON THE TUG—OF-WAR!

 The Holiday Site was at Coldharbour Farm, Wareham and by June, 834 units had pre-booked and at one time there were nearly 100 units on site. A new venture was entertainment provided by members on each Wednesday evening of the four week period.

In august the meet at Everton was for 5 days and the Juniors again entered the Carnival.

The Bank Holiday saw us back at Cranborne again for the D.A. Feast of Lanterns.

The Steam Meet was another successful event. The driver and family of a Bus provided each year to convey people to the Show, camped with us, joined the Club and is still providing that service to date.

ROGER PA¥E — affectionately known as ‘ROGER THE BUS‘

By now a popular venue in October was a meet at Coombe Bissett. especially for the wine makers and was known as the ‘sloe Meet‘.

For many years this meet was stewarded by ERIC & MARJORIE MUSSELL. Sadly Marjorie passed away but Eric continued to run the Sloe meet. During his camping weekends he met a lady from the Waterside D.A. and in 1990 ERIC & LYN were married, but tragically ERIC died a few months later. On a happier note, LYN regularly comes camping and is still carrying on running the ‘Sloe Meet‘.

At the-Annual General Meeting:—

MIKE DEWHURST took over again as C.C.Y. Leader.

BRIAN BUTLER & BRIAN WATKINS were elected to Committee.

The South West Region Representative, COLIN HARES- informed members that JACK MARKS; former D.A. Public Relations Officer and now Region Public Relations Officer had been nominated for a Club Certificate of Honour_

A position first held by RON BENNETT. the D.A. has always had an active Public Relations Officer promoting the Club and this year JOCK DUNCAN had published in the Dorset Echo an article on the Club. he also had a stand at an exhibition in Poole and the Christchurch Show.

15 Youth had attended the National Rally near Oxford.

The season finished with the ‘5upper’ and entertainment by the Woodfalls Band and a Clown for the children.

Uncle Ron’s Funny —

Customer — I found a button in my salad.

Waiter — Sorry Sir. it must have come off when the salad was being dressed


This Year the Club Chairman RON HARDING was guest at the Dinner Dance and JACK MARKS was presented with his Certificate of Honour.

£125 was given to the Chairman for the Club Fighting Fund.

Later in the year. a further £300 was donated to Charity. divided between the Kidney Research Unit and the Wessex Cancer Screening Unit.

In February at Committee. discussion took place about 5 proposal from MARION & DAVID EVANS and DENNIS BARRATT and his wife, that they would like to put on entertainment at the End of Season Supper in the form of ‘sketches’.

Easter this year was at Church Farm. Sixpenny Handley and the Birthday Meet was at Blissford.

At the C.C.J. Meet. held at Cranway Farm, Rockbourne. BRIAN WATKINS took over as leader.

The Region Meet was at Wooten Bassett, Swindon and the Holiday Site — Steam Meet and D.A. Feast of Lanterns were all held as usual.

The Everton Meet was again for 5 days and the Juniors went in the Lymington Carnival advertising ‘Captain Birds Eye‘.

At the End of Season Supper, MARION EVANS presented her ‘OLD TYME MUSIC HALL‘ with D.A. members in the cast and ERIC STRIDE complete with white gloves ‘TITILATING’ as he introduced the acts. The audience wore Old Tyme Clothes and a prize for the best hat was won by KATHY ANDREWS.

The following morning at the Annual General Meeting-the Secretary in his report said, ‘February saw the birth of our entertainment for this years End of Season Supper.

MARION EVANS and friends wanted to produce a revue and were given the go ahead. A lot of work has been put in and many obstacles overcome. I am sure that last night MARION reaped the rewards of these labours. and this morning she and all those involved are basking in rave revues of the Show”.

ERIC STRIDE informed the meeting that PAT AND CHARLES ROBERTS had been nominated for the Club Certificate of Honour in recognition of their work for the Club.

JOCK DUNCAN the Public Relations Officer had another busy year – 14 members were recruited at the Christchurch Show. Headquarters had loaned the exhibition WIGWAM tent for display and ERIC FOWLER. then the Club Information Officer visited and spoke on Southern Television. A letter was received from JIM PASS then Chairman of the Public Relations Committee praising the work carried out by the Public Relations Officer.

Changes on Committee saw:—

ROY BROCKLESBY became Chairman.

JOHN BREWER became Vice Chairman.

SID GARDINER became Youth Leader (for the 2nd time)

MALCOLM TAYLOR & HEINZ MASUREK were elected to Committee.

Uncle Ron’s Funny:-

why didn’t the piglets listen to their Father?

Because he was such a BOAR!


STAN ASHMAN. Region Chairman was guest at the Dinner Dance, this year at the Courtlands Hotel.

 A rare experience occurred this year. an outbreak of foot and Mouth Disease caused the cancellation of a few early meets.

The Easter Meet this year was at Broomhill. and the May Day Birthday Meet combined celebrations for the Club’s 80th Anniversary.

The Junior Meet was again at Rockbourne. and it was recorded that DENNIS BARRATT led a walk with 158 members taking part.

For the first time, a two week Holiday Site. During the Spring Bank Holiday was held at Coldharbour.

The South west Region Meet was run by the Dorset D.A- at Pimperne. near Blandford. They asked for our help and experience in running a big meet and the loan of equipment. We organised the Sports for them. 71 New Forest units attended and we won the Tug-of-War Trophy again

The Coldharbour ‘Summer’ Holiday Site was run again and was joined by a new Holiday Site at Broomhill-

The 5 Day Meet was held again at Everton, the Carnival theme was ‘Book Titles‘ and the Juniors entered.

The D.A. Feast of Lanterns was at Priory Farm. East Holme, near Wareham and several members attended the National Feast of Lanterns at Cheltenham Racecourse.

September saw the Steam Meet again at Pimperne. The attendance was now much reduced. as the Dorset Steam Society were running their own campsite. However, to provide for the many Club, Steam enthusiasts who were regular visitors, the D.A. had purchased two large water tanks to improve the supply situation. also Trade Stands- Grocery Shop and Fish and Chips Van were laid on.

 The Annual General Meeting saw lots of changes:

PHIL FRANCIS retired as Secretary.

MALCOLM TAYLOR took over as Secretary.

JOCK DUNCAN retired as Public Relations Officer.

BILL HIGGINS took over as Public Relations Officer.

BRTAN WATKINS retired as Junior Leader and

GRAHAM GALE took over.

SID GARDINER had been unable to continue as Youth Leader and JOHN BREWER stepped in and continued once more as Youth Leader.

ERIC STRIDE assured the meeting that the New Forest D.A. was held in high regard at both Region and National level reflecting the calibre of it’s Officers.

MARION EVANS gave up producing Picket: Post as she and DAVID were hoping to emigrate to Australia however this did not materialise. to the ultimate benefit at the DA  PAT PEARCE took over as editor

At the Region Dinner Dance the D.A presented £300 to VIC SINDEN, Club Chairman. for the Fighting Fund.

 Uncle Ron’s Funny=- DENTIST – What kind of filling would you like? Cheeky CC.J. – Chocolate cream please!


It would seem that the DA were fortunate on many occasions to have the Club Chairman attend functions. And this year was no exception with VIC SINDEN as the Dinner Dance guest.

Early in the year, the Committee approved a ‘DEER MOTIF‘, designed and produced by MARION & DAVID EVANS for members to display on their vans etc.

All the Bank Holiday Meets and Holiday Sites went ahead as usual, the Region Meet was near Exeter hosted by Devon D.A. and the Region Youth Meet was organised by us and held at Pimperne.

In September the seat was presented to Sutton Hill Site.

At the Annual General Meeting:-

CHARLES ROBERTS, who had been Social Secretary since the D.A.’s formation resigned due to the pressure of other commitments. He was Regional Youth Liaison Officer and served on the National Youth Committee.

PAT BUTLER took over as Social Secretary.

The Public Relations Officer, BILL HIGGINS had attended several functions and had also been involved in a new Retailer Recruitment Scheme set up by Headquarters.

15 youth had attended the National Youth Rally at Cambridge.

JOHN BREWER resigned as Youth Leader.

DENNIS WARE took over as Youth Leader.

Uncle Ron’s Funny:-

whet goes peck-peck—peck – BANG!?

A chicken in a minefield!


The Club Chairman again attended the Dinner Dance. this year it was MOLLY RAYNER and another E400 was donated to the Fighting Fund.

 The Early Bird Meet was held at Heathfield near Bransgore and stewarded by LESLEY a JIM LYNES and this meet has annually been held there ever since.

Easter saw us at Homeland Farm, Three Legged Cross. It is remembered by the social evening in the barn. With the COWS attending in the adjacent biers: ‘PHEW!’

The D.A. again ran the South West Region Meet. MOLLY RAYNER. Club Chairman attended and presented ERIC STRIDE with a Club Certificate of Honour in recognition of his hard work on behalf of the Club.

At the Annual General Meeting:-

After 3 years ROY BROCKLESBY retired as Chairman.

JOHN BREWER took over as Chairman.

BILL HIGGINS was appointed Vice-Chairman.

JUHN RIDOUT was re-elected as Committee member.

TERRY SHARPE was elected to Committee.

Previous to the Annual General Meeting the Committee in their ‘WlSDOM’ had decided not to run a Bonfire Meet this year. At the Annual General Meeting FRED ANDREWS queried this?? He insisted that we ALWAYS had a Bonfire meet. he always enjoyed it and looked forward to it!! After a discussion from the ‘floor’ – SOME HUMUUROUS – the new Chairman JOHN BREWER said “Well you steward it’ which FRED said he would and so it went ahead at Ridge Farm and I am glad to say has continued annually ever since (in some form or other).

Youth – In March. 18 had gone Ice Skating and several attended the National and Regional Youth Rallies.

During the year, the D.A. had purchased a SHED (sited at Stourpaine) for the storage of the immense amount of gear they now used for big meets – also a GAS BARBECUE – more progress since 1971.

Two special chairs were donated to Blandford Hospital in recognition of all the big meets we had arranged in that area.

Looking to 1984 — The National Feast of Lanterns was being organised by the South West Region and this D.A. would be helping. It was agreed we would enter the Carnival etc. LESLEY LYNES agreed to co-ordinate our entry and asked for suggestions.

The year ended with a Christmas Party at Parley Cross, again another gathering and venue to become an annual event.

Uncle Ron’s Funny=—

where do snowmen dance? At a Snowball


All the early season events took place as usual.

 The Spring Bank Holiday saw the Junior Meet at North Farm. Winterbourne Kingston. An ‘IT’S A KNOCKDUT’ Competition was to be held but became ‘IT’S A WASHOUT! because it POURED the whole weekend and all fundraising events were cancelled. However, they were held at a later meet and the C-C-J. funds did not suffer.

The Region Meet was at Kenn. near Clevedon. Organised by the Somerset D.A. – WE WON THE TUG-OF-WAR AGAIN!

At Priory Farm, near Wareham. the D.A. Feast of Lanterns was a rehearsal for the National Feast of Lanterns at Shepton Mallett.

SHEPTON MALLBTT – Another Event never to be forgotten!

The D.A. entered the Carnival Procession as Village Life in Victorian Britain – theme “HATCHED. MATCHED & DISPATCHED!” illustrating life from BIRTH to DEATH.

We led the procession, headed by BILL HIGGINS as Town Crier with JOAN, his wife. and followed by every aspect of villagers, including children, tradesmen. and even a coffin! we came 2nd but all agreed we should have won!!

After dark, surrounded by around 100 New Forest D.A. units, some 24 of them formed a village street. with a banquet down the middle.

In this Competition we were joint winner with Avon D.A. What cheering when LESLEY LYNES proudly collected the Shield at the Closing Ceremony.

Several members had attended for the week to help on the working party and MALCOLM TAYLOR stewarded Blue Area assisted by FRED ANDREWS.

THE BONFIRE MEET – This WAS held this year and as a 5 day meet. There was SUPER WEATHER — SUPER BONFIRE—AND SUPER FIREWORKS!

Annual General Meeting:-

COLIN HARES retired as South west Region Representative.

MALCOLM TAYLOR took over as South West Region Representative

PAT BUTLER resigned as Social Secretary.

JANET COLE took over as Social Secretary.

GRAHAM GALE resigned as Junior Leader.

MARGARET MILLER took over as C.C.J. Leader.

PAT PEARCE resigned as Pickets Post Editor.

DENISE WINNOOD took over as Pickets Post Editor.

IAN FRASER became Youth Leader.

The year ended with the usual Christmas Party.

Uncle Ron’s Funny:— Taxi Driver — That will be fifty pence.

Old Lady — Sorry, I only have forty pence. will you drive me back a little bit


A new venue for the Dinner Dance this year was The Pavilion, Bournemouth.

At the Early Bird Meet a Photographic Competition was held at Bransgore Village Hall.

The Junior Meet had a new site this year at Bamptons Farm Lymington.

The South West Region Summer Meet was organised by Cornwall D.A. at the Royal Cornwall Showground — 15 New

Forest attended.

All the other DA. major meets went ahead as usual.

Annual General Meeting again:—

JOHN BREWER resigned as Chairman-

BILL HIGGINS was elected Chairman.

TERRY SHARPE became vice-Chairmen.

MARION EVANS was elected as Secretary.

FRED ANDREWS was elected Public Relations Officer.

ALAN WINWOOD – GRAHAM GALE – JIM LYNBS were all elected to Committee.


They attended s winter Meet near Taunton in January.

12 attended the Region Youth Meet.

2 attended the National Youth Meet in Cheshire.

The C.C.J. had a trip to Brownsea Island in September

The Public Relations Officer BILL HIGGINS attended various open days etc.

Uncle Ron’s Funny:— Why are sardines stupid? They lock themselves in tins a leave the key outside!


The first ‘major’ event for 1986 was the May Day Junior Meet at Luckford Cottage, East Stoke. Stewarded by CLIFF & MARGO FOOTE. 71 units attended and a Fun Run was organised and raised £119 for the Ethiopia Appeal.

The Holiday Sites continued at Coldharbour and Broomhill the number attending somewhat reduced due to the wide selection now available to members. It had now become established that PAT & CHARLES ROBERTS stewarded Coldharbour and JOAN & BILL HIGGINS, Broomhill, assisted for a short period by BILL HEMMINGS an Avon D.A. member who entertained us on his organ.

The Region Meet saw us back at Shepton Mallett Showground, organised by Somerset D.A. We were the second largest contingent to attend, and youth member MICHELLE CANDY won the Miss South Nest Region Contest.

The DA. Feast of Lanterns and Youth Meet was at Bamptons Farm. Lymington and included a Barn Dance – Fun Dog Show and Cream Teas.

Annual General Meeting:-

MARGARET MILLER resigned as Junior Leader.

HEATHER BROWN took over as Junior Leader.

DENISE WINWOOD resigned as Pickets Post Editor.

MARGARET MILLER took over as Pickets Post Editor.

PETER WHITE was elected South West Region Representative.

KEN SANSOM was elected to Committee.

The Public Relations Officer enlarged the Dealer Recruitment scheme and attended Open Weekends, at the New Forest Caravans and Lady Bailey Caravans and assisted the Region Public Relations Officer (JOHN CASTRO) at Cricket St. Thomas and the National Feast of Lanterns at Silverstone. He had also agreed to take on the position of Honorary Site Inspector, to inspect (at the request of Headquarters) and report on suggested Hideaway Sites.

MARGARET MILLER took over as Editor of Pickets Post and is still doing an excellent job.

During the year the Youth attended:-

The Region Winter Meet at Taunton.

15 went to the Region Youth Rally at South Brent, Devon.

8 went to the National Youth Rally at Brands Hatch.

3 entered an orienteering event organised by the Dorset Police for the 13/14 age group. and came a creditable 3rd out of 22 competing.

Uncle Ron’s Funny:- Customer “There is no chicken in this soup”.

waiter “Well, did you ever find a HORSE in horseradish?‘


Until now Picket: Post had been produced using a Duplicator. a rather ‘messy’ and time consuming method-

At the January Committee meeting, it was agreed that a Photo-copier be purchased and also a MARQUEE to use at big meets. MORE PROGRESS!

It was also agreed that a Charity Weekend would be organised for the benefit of the Victoria School for Physically Handicapped Children in Bournemouth.

At the Early Bird Meet the Marquee was erected as a trial run. and duly christened with a get together and ‘pot of tea!‘.

At the May Day Birthday Meet the Charity Event took place at Winterborne Zelston. Stewarded by CLIFFE & MARGO FOOTE. a street fayre was held. a ‘sponsored silence‘ event and entertainment by the Dorset Buttons Maypole dancing!. £1,113.10 was raised and used to provide a computer tor a handicapped child.

August saw the D.A. Feast of Lanterns and Steam Meet combined with a holiday site. hopefully to increase the numbers attending and this formula proved highly successful.

The Broomhill Holiday Site was also a success, breaking previous records for units attending.

ln September a new venue was a meet at Kingston Maurward Agricultural College Dorchester. This site was found by DAVID EVANS and was stewarded by him and MARION.

A conducted tour of the lovely grounds and college activities was enjoyed by all who attended.

Annual General Meeting:—

IAN FRASER resigned as Youth Leader.

GARTH DOWNER took over as Youth Leader.

There were no other changes.

The Public Relations Officer had attended two new venues-with a Publicity Stand namely – Autohomes Factory and The New Forest Show. Both events were a great success.

13 Youth went to the Region Youth Meet near Taunton.

11 went to the National Youth Meet near Stafford.

The Juniors had a visit to Upton Country Park in July and their own Christmas Party with a Magic Show by D.A. member DAVID LINES.

We joined with the Waterside D.A. for a 5 days Bonfire Meet at Blissford.

Uncle Ron’s Funny:-

Why is a dirty boy like a flannel vest?

Because they both ‘shrink’ from washing!!


The Dinner Dance was at the East Anglia Hotel, Bournemouth and FRANK GRANT, the Club Chairman, was the guest. The D.A. again presented a cheque to the Fighting Fund for the sum of E500.

More progress was made in February when the Committee agreed the purchase of a second typewriter for the use of the Newsletter Editor.

At the Early Bird Meet; LESLEY & JIM LYNES organised a talk on Antiques and a Cheese and Wine Supper.

The Birthday Meet went to a new venue at The Thorngrove Centre, Gillingham. A garden centre staffed mainly by disabled people. The Administrator PHIL HUNTER and his wife are Club members and have become very active in providing the flowers etc. at National Feast of Lantern Rallies and Region Meets and also allowing Holiday Sites to be run on their land. by various D.A.’s and the Region.

At this meet members enjoyed a sing-a-long from the ‘forties’ era and were suitably attired for the occasion.

At the Junior meet, again at Bamptons Farm, Lymington, a day trip to the Isle of Night was organised – 102 units attended the meet and TERESA SHARPE was elected Miss New Forest.

Attending the Region Meet at Kenn. near Clevedon. run by the Trailer Tent Group, TERESA went on to be Miss South West Region.

The Dorset Steam Fair had now moved from Stourpaine to Tarrant Hinton, and the D.A. decided to run our combined Holiday Feast of Lantern/Youth Meet at Chase View Farm, Farnham

It had been agreed in Committee to ‘pep’ up the site this year to revive some of the ‘atmosphere’ of the ‘old’ time Steam Meets.

A generator was borrowed, lights put over the site entrance and a new WELCOME T0 THE NEW FOREST D.A. banner was displayed.

With the leadership of GARTH DOWNER AND HIS WIFE VERA, the Youth organised a full programme of events including cooked breakfast brought to your van and an Auction (GARTH didn’t like ODD numbers!!). and other events to raise funds for the Youth.

MARION EVANS rallied some members together to form an impromptu Concert Party which performed on the Saturday evening, the stage illuminated by car headlights.

It was a roaring success, with the ‘Holly Polly‘s’ —

MARION EVANS — KATHY ANDREWS — MARGARET MILLER — LESLEY LYNES – GARTH AND VERA DOWNER – and the birth of Farnham FRED‘, who happened to ‘pop in‘ from the village!

The Feast of Lanterns was attended by the Region Chairman RAY PERKINS, Youth Officer RAY CANTOR- and Region President BERNARD MERRITT. who sadly, had to give up camping and so we were honoured that this was the last meet he attended. As a souvenir. he was presented with the HAMMER used for the Auction, and I know it take’s ‘pride of place‘ in his home.

The site continued to cover the Steam Pair period. During the week the usual Steam Meet weather occurred and the Marquee was blown down one night, but it all turned out a great meet.

The National Feast of Lanterns was attended by very few D.A. members due to the distance. which was a great shame, because TERESA 5HARPE became MISS NATIONAL FEAST OF LANTERNS .

Annual General Meeting:—

This year saw a major change as COLIN HARES retired as Treasurer after 14 years.

PETER WHITE was elected Treasurer.

CLIFF FOOTE was elected Vice Chairman.

JIM EVANS took over as Representative to Region and after a discussion from the ‘floor’ regarding the appointment of a Conservation Officer. JIM was thought to be ‘ideal‘ for this post, and was duly elected.

ALAN TILLER was elected to Committee.

During the year PAT ROBERTS had been elected to National Council.

The Youth:—

10 went to a winter camp near Weston-Super-Mare.

7 attended Region Youth Rally at Melksham.

Uncle Ron’s Funny:~

This one is for GARTH!

Seven is and ODD NUMBER – how can we make it even?

Clever Junior – Take the letter ‘S’ away!!


The guests this year at the Dinner Dance. held at the Marsham Court Hotel, were the Region Chairman. and our own Miss National Feast of Lanterns. TERESA SHARPE.

Easter saw us once again at Church Farm, Sixpenny Handley. Following the success of the Concert at the Feast of Lanterns in 1983 the ‘gang’ got together, now called ‘THE NEW FOREST NUTTER5′ and put on a Revue in the Village Hall.

It was decided to run another Charity Event at the May Day Birthday Meet. Due to bad weather and flooding in the proposed site at Broomhill. arrangements were hastily made to change the venue and we were able to go to Filleybrook Farm, Matchams Lane.

A Grand Charity Event was organised with stalls displays etc. and a large car hoot sale, at which the Club also benefited by the recruitment of 10 new members. The climax of the event was a Candlelight Display and Procession. Over £3,000 was raised and distributed between the Great Ormond Street and Royal Manchester Children’s Hospitals.

The Junior Meet went farther afield to Fairview Farm Stockbridge.

Several members travelled to the Region Meet, near Swindon. and the then Club President. SIR JOHN CRIPP5 attended. It was organised by the Wiltshire D.A.

The National Feast of Lanterns was within reasonable distance. at Stratfield Saye, near Reading and so the D.A. decided to enter. The theme was ‘COMEDY’ and was masterminded by CLIFF & MARGO FOOTE and JIM & JUNE EVANS. The D.A. entered the Carnival as Comedy Films through the ages.

This was continued in the evening with a Street Scene complete with the entrance to the ‘ODEAN CINEMA‘. Once inside some 18 units displayed Comedy Films. The highlight being ‘CARRY ON DOCTOR‘ a live performance never to be forgotten, and visited by thousands of rallygoers. ,

The D.A. Once again became the proud recipients of a Shield for runner up in the Carnival and a Cup for best street scene in our area.

Annual General Meeting:-

The major change this year was the retirement of MARION EVANS as Secretary.

She was very ably replaced by our present Secretary JUNE KINGE.

18 Youth went to Region Youth Meet at Sixpenny Handley

JIM EVANS involved the D.A. in Conservation Work for the National Trust at Pamphill, part of the Kingston Lacey Estate, and the D.A. planted a tree in the avenue at Badbury Rings.

At the South West Region Annual General Meeting in November, COLIN HARES was elected Vice Chairman of ‘the Region.

Uncle Ron’s Funny:—

what did the screw sing to the screwdriver?



At the Early Bird Meet members enjoyed a Wild Life Film.

The ‘major’ event of the year was the Junior Meet organised by HEATHER & COLIN BROWN, which was in the lovely grounds of Kingston Lacey House. near Wimborne. The theme for the weekend was ‘Conservation’. MICK WICKS, the National Conservation Officer attended, and together with JIM EVANS displayed pictures and videos of work done by the Club and especially our own D.A. On the Saturday morning many members helped to clear fallen tree branches on the estate (brought down by the recent hurricanes) and Sunday afternoon. DAVE SMITH. the Estate warden conducted a very interesting tour on Badbury Rings to view Orchids which had been encouraged to thrive due to efforts of Conservationists. Entertainment was provided by a disco.

The C.C.J. donated from the funds raised, £50 to provide two commemorative trees, which were planted during the following winter, with snow on the ground. by the Juniors and was pictured in the Club Magazine.

The Region Meet was organised by Dorset D.A. We won the Volleyball Trophy again.

In august. ‘our own‘ ERIC STRIDE. F.I.C.C. Representative for Great Britain and Chairman of the organising Committee, ran on behalf of our Club. the 51st F.I.C.C. Rally at Shepton Mallett Showground approximately 14 families from the New Forest D.A. attended.

Annual General Meeting:—

After 5 years BILL HIGGINS ‘stood down‘ as Chairman.

CLIFF FOOTE took over as Chairman.

MIKE COLE became Vice-Chairman.

GARTH DOWNER resigned as Youth Leader.

BRIAN KINGE took over as Youth Leader.

CHRIS SAWKINS was elected as a Committee Member.

RAY MILLER was elected as a Committee Member.

The Chairman presented to HELEN RICHARDS her Youth Test Pennon and Travel Clock.

DENISE SHARPE & ELAINE GOULD also passed their test but were unable to the at the meeting.

The Junior Leader presented Certificates to the following Juniors who had passed their test.


The Vice Chairman MIKE COLE presented the ‘Cole’ Shield to the Youth of the Year CHRIS WINWOOD.

COLIN HARES resigned from Committee and a few weeks later at the South West Region Annual General Meeting with many New Forest D.A. members in attendance, was elected Region Chairman.

It was agreed to donate another £250 to the Club Fighting Fund.

The 5 day Joint Bonfire Meet with the Waterside D.A. took place. followed a week later by another Bonfire Meet at the invitation of the Southern and Wessex B.C.C.

The Public Relations Officer attended an extra venue in May when the Club had an OPEN DAY at Sutton Hill Site to attract new members. Assisting DEREK WHEELER & JOHN EDGINGTON. 10 members were recruited.


Early in the year the D.A. were devastated to hear of the sudden death of esteemed member COLIN HARES, only recently appointed South West Region Chairman. Members ‘rallied’ to give MARJORIE support at this very sad time and were delighted that she was able to continue ‘camping’ with us, also with the help of VAL & ALAN TILLER, stewarded the Steam Meet Holiday Site later in the year. A task she and COLIN had undertaken for several years. Her enthusiasm for the Club was enhanced in November when at the South west Region Annual General Meeting she was elected to follow COLIN on the Regional Council.


Going back to Easter the D.A. were again at Church Farm, Sixpenny Handley and by popular demand ‘The New Forest Nutters’ put on another Revue to a packed hall on the Sunday evening.

It was our turn to run the Region Youth Meet again, and our new Youth Leader BRIAN KINGE assisted by his wife JUNE and Assistant Leader CLIVE & SUE RICHARDS, the Youth very capably organised the event at Church Farm. Parley Cross and received praise from the Region Youth Leader for their efforts.

The Youth also ran a stall at the Charity weekend and 8 went to the National Youth Rally at Leamington Spa, and at the Steam Meet they also provided cooked breakfasts to your van again.

A good ‘contingent’ of D.A. members travelled to Devon for the Region Summer Meet and cheered our team on to WIN the Sports Trophy AGAIN!

Our usual Holiday Sites Continued at Coldharbour, Broomhill and Farnham (for the Steam Fair) and was joined by a new site at Kingston Maurward. Dorchester, which was praised by members attending and has prospects of becoming a popular site in the future.

at the Annual General Meeting:~

BILL HIGGINS after one year in the position of Past Chairman was re-elected as a Committee member again to serve the D.A. for a further 3 years.

PAUL FRASER received the Cole Shield for Youth of the year.

JANE ALEXANDER; TINA BOWN & KAREN RICHARDS were presented with their Youth Pennons and Clocks. And CARRIE WESTON with her Certificate for passing the Junior Test.

Thus the Committee remained unchanged to go forward into 1992 to organise the ‘task’ of running the D.A. 2lst Birthday Meet, to be followed soon after by the South West Region Summer Meet.

1971 – 1992


Highlights of events over the years have been mentioned. it is impossible to cover every activity, or to name all the members who have worked hard in so many ways to make all our achievements possible.

However. reviewing my story. the Chairmen over the years — PAT ROBERTS & JOHN RIDOUT. have had good coverage of the sterling work they did and events they took part in.

ROY BROCKLESBY will probably be remembered for his major part in assisting JOHN RIDOUT in the organising and running of the Steam meet in it’s heyday, a prominent figure in his boiler suit and bowler hat. Also he was in the cast of the ‘Old Tyme Music Hall‘, and for many years with his wife DOREEN, stewarded the meet by the river at Woodgreen. and conscientiously provided a safety feature in the form of a rope and old car tyre.

JOHN BREWER followed ROY as Chairman. he was one of the longest serving members of the Committee. He has been Junior Leader. organising some excellent fundraising events for them. and also a Tuck Shop. and then followed a ‘stint’ as Youth Leader. He has readily given his time and carpentry skills to provide such things as a ‘mock‘ organ for the steam Meet and many ‘facades’ used in our entries for the National Feast of Lanterns.

In 1985 BILL HIGGINS took over as Chairman. He first went on the Committee as Public Relations Officer in 1981. became Vice-Chairman in 1983 and then in 1991 having completed one year as Past-Chairman. he was re-elected to serve as a Committee member for a further 3 years.

Highlights during his period as Chairman included Charity Events in 1987 and 1989.

Together with JOAN. his wife. they have stewarded the Holiday Site at Broomhill for many years, and are one of the most regular attenders at D.A. meets. with JOAN as Regalia Officer. prominent at ‘Tea round the pole‘ with her pennons and badges etc. on display. One other special mentioned must be made about JOAN. She has made and given the Birthday Meet Cake for many years. including the one for this 21st BIRTHDAY. and our congratulations and thanks go to her for her splendid effort.

In his first year. our present Chairman CLIFF FOOTE successfully ‘steered’ the DA. through another Charity Event. At the 1991 Birthday Meet held at the Thorngrove Centre. £1,259.42p. was raised to help provide facilities for the disabled on their camp site.

He was Pictured ‘Presenting the Cheque‘ in the October 1991 Club Magazine.

The Secretary has always been one of the hardest working positions to hold on Committee.

ARTHUR BLAKE served for the first year of the D.A. and was followed by RAY HIJMPHRIES who continued for the next 5 years. He was also the DA . Representative to Region. and considered this period as his ‘Apprenticeship’ the experience gained helped him to form the Waterside DA

Next came PHIL FRANCIS who also gave the name ‘Pickets Post‘ to the Newsletter and was it’s Editor in the early years.

MALCOLM TAYLOR came to us having been Chairman of the Bucks. Herts a Middlesex D.A. and took over from PHIL FRANCIS. He served for 4 years and was also D.A. Representative to Region.

Next came MARION EVANS. who also served for 4 years and was Newsletter Editor for several years. MARION will be remembered for the very entertaining shows she has produced.

Finally we come to our present Secretary. JUNE HINGE who like her predecessors, JUNE is very ably filling the position. the Chairman’s ‘Right Hand‘. quietly but very efficiently. ensuring that behind the scenes everything fits together to ensure the smooth running of the D.A.

TERRY SHARPE was a former Vice Chairman and together with GRAHAM GALE worked hard to provide the ‘electrics’ used at many of our meets. and mention I feel must be made again to JIM EVANS. this time in his role of plumber. without whom a lot of meets would not have been possible.

The D.A. is well represented at the South West Regional Council with ERIC STRIDE as President. CHARLES ROBERTS — Vice President. PAT ROBERTS — Secretary. JOHN EDGINGTON – Public Relations officer, MARJORIE HARES -Councillor and JIM EVANS – D-A. Representative.

we also have PAT ROBERTS on the National Council and ERIC STRIDE who really needs a Page to himself

ERIC STRIDE has been Chairman. and is now President of the South West Region. is a National Councillor serving on several Committees. has been to numerous F.I.C.C. Rallies and was Representative for Great Britain on the F.I.C.C. Committee and as you have read. organised on behalf of the Club. the 51st F.I.C.C. Rally at Shepton Mallett.

In 1983 he was awarded the Club Certificate of Honour which was presented by MOLLY RAYNER. Club Chairman at Eric‘s request ‘among his friends‘ at the South West Region Summer Meet hosted by his DA. ‘THE NEW FOREST‘.

In January 1992 he was honoured for his work in fostering friendship between our Club and the French Clubs by the presentation of a Gold Medal. he also received a Silver Medal for organising the F.I.C.C. Rally at Shepton Mallett and the Gold Medal of the F.I.C.C. for his work on the F.I.C.C. Council-

ERIC is Known from D.A. to INTERNATIONAL LEVEL for his rendering of the ‘MUSIC MAN‘.

The large Charity Events and Donations to the Fighting Fund (amounting to several thousand pounds) have been mentioned, in addition, numerous donations have made to dozens of needy causes.

The D.A. has always been fortunate to have a Social Secretary, this position at present is in the capable hands of JANET COLE assisted by her husband MIKE who is also Vice-Chairman, and her helpers who have provided Coach Trips to the Caravan Show & Somerset Carnivals Skittle evenings — Film & video shows The End of Season Supper — Christmas Party The Annual Dinner Dance and not forgetting the catering for all our ‘big’ meets.

In addition, the Youth have organised the Valentine’s Dances and the Juniors many summer Outings and pantomime trips.

We have read about our relatively new Conservation Activities. led by JIM EVANS and staying in ‘The Great Outdoors‘, a mention must be made of ‘BIG BOOTS‘ DENNIS BARRETT who leads many of us on his walks during the winter months.

Even PETS have featured during the past 21 years.

Notable among these are=-

BEN the BOXER. the faithful friend of BUNNY a LES FRY


and of course ‘EMMA’ the OLD ENGLISH SHEEPDOG for so long a dear friend of KATHY a FRED ANDREWS. EMMA was loved by the Juniors and even non-dog lovers couldn’t help being ‘turned on‘ by her lovely nature and character. For 12 months she featured in cartoon form (supplied by KATHY & FRED) in the Newsletter. At the good old age of 12 she managed to take part in the procession at the National Feast of Lanterns at Shepton Mallett with FRED as a Shepherd in costume. and a BIG JUNIOR in sheep’s clothing — MARION EVANS.

EMMA attended numerous meets. was known by many in the Region and further afield and even had a mention at the Ripon National Feast of Lanterns in the B.B.C. Country Club Programme recorded there by WALLY WIGHTMAN.




After 21 years ‘THE NEW FOREST‘ has grown deep roots and under the guidance of its present Chairman CLIFF FOOTE is set to progress into the future.

Aided by a very capable Secretary. JUNE KINGE, an excellent Treasurer PETER WHITE. and a hard-working Committee they are, as I write this in January 1992, bringing together the numerous facets of the 21st Birthday Meet where You Dear Reader – will hopefully be, when you read this.

This is to be followed in July with the running of the South West Region Sumner Meet and continuing from that (following it’s success in 1991) a 6 week Holiday Site at Kingston Maurward, Dorchester.


There has always been a hardcore of enthusiastic members in the D.A. As the years roll by. some will unfortunately fade away, but as long as THE CAMPING AND CARAVANNING CLUB and the bond of friendship within it exists. I am confident new members will carry THE NEW FOREST DA. to even bigger things in the FUTURE.


The above History of New Forest DA, up to 1992 will hopefully give rise to some lovely memories for some of our long serving members. But also as a brief insight into the formation of our DA ands it’s